Tax Collector


     In order to make a payment or look up tax information, you will need an account number.  If you don’t have an account number, please refer to the instructions listed to the right under Attachments, entitled INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCOUNT NUMBER LOOKUP.  You will click on the blue link below to get started, and follow the detailed directions provided in the attachment. **TIP** Do not click on VIEW from the account number lookup screen.  You must click back on eGovernment and put the account number in there.

    If interest is showing on an account, it is for the current month only.  To calculate additional interest on a delinquent account for the next month please add an additional 1.5% x the ENTIRE tax (base) unpaid balance.  For questions NOT available on the account screen please email  Include a snip it of the account and what you were not able to find.

    You can look up or make a charge card payment on your tax account by clicking the blue link below and typing in the account number.  If the account information requested appears blank or to see payments made on an account, click on the TRANSACTION HISTORY button at the very top of the summary page. For basic installment information, click on the > next to the tax roll.


         **Installment due dates are: August 15, November 15, February 15 and May 15th. **

    (If dates differ on the account screen it is for our posting purposes only.)

    (Please note for charge card payments there is a fee of 3% on the amount charged with minimum fee of $2.00.)

    The Town of Coventry receives no portion of service fees charged by the credit card company.

    Tax Payments / Account Balance


    Town Hall
    1670 Flat River Road
    Coventry, RI  02816


    Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm



    Phone: (401) 822-9167

    Checks should be made out to:

    Coventry Tax Collector 

    send to:

    Coventry Tax Collector 
    1670 Flat River Road
    Coventry, RI 02816


    Current 2022 Tax Rates:

    Residential - $19.571

    Commercial - $23.585

    Motor Vehicle - $18.75, No Excise Tax bill as issued

    Tangible - $19.571

    Since 2011

    All owners of vehicles valued at $500.00 or more will receive a tax bill.  The age of the vehicle alone does not determine the value of the vehicle.

    As of 2022

    The Governor has discontinued the issuance of Excise tax bills. 

    Please be aware that if we have placed a stop on your registration due to delinquent taxes billed 2021 and prior, you must pay your account in full to get the release for the registry. If you pay with a charge card at a registration release will automatically happen within approximately 24-48 hours. If we have time, we do try to e-mail the DMV or send releases via postal service, when delinquent taxes have been paid. In the end, if you have not paid your taxes on time, you can expect to encounter issues at the registry until you clear up your tax debt with the town.

    Department Details

    The primary function of the Tax Collector's office is to collect and record taxes owed by the residents of Coventry.  We offer many ways to pay taxes in order to make an unpleasant task as painless as possible. There is an Automatic Payment System for those who do not escrow. On the 20th of every month 1/12th of the annual tax is deducted from a person's checking/savings account. Taxpayers may elect to pay taxes in person at the Town Hall, via the drop box located outside the Town Hall, through the mail, or by charge card using the internet. In addition, to merely collecting the taxes, we also try to assist taxpayers, who may be delinquent, become current with their tax payments.  We attempt to achieve this by working out a payment plan to help them catch up. The Coventry Tax Collector's office is also responsible for providing Municipal Lien Certificates (fee $25.00). This document lists all the outstanding taxes owed, in Coventry, on a particular parcel and is mainly used by attorneys in determining costs when closing on the sale of real property.


    Questions and Problems

    Tax Collector

    Responsible for mailing of tax notices and collection of tax payments based on information contained on the current tax roll certified by the Assessor. 

    Phone - (401) 821-6400
    Email –

    Tax Assessor

    Responsible for preparation of the current tax roll, assessed value, exemptions, taxable value, assessed owner(s) name and address, address changes, and property location. 

    Phone - (401) 822-9162

    Email -