Building Official

    Effective March 22, 2021 our hours will be changing to 7:30am - 3:30pm.

    We are now offering online permitting. Effective January 19th we will no longer be accepting paper permits. If you need assistance we have a kiosk set up in the building inspector’s office to assist you in applying for your permits.

    If you have any questions please call the office 822-9156


    The Building Official's Office is located at:

    1675 Flat River Road



    Chuck Phelps, Director of Inspections and Permits

    Richard Case, Alternate Building Official      

    Stephani In, Special Duties Clerk

    Anthony Nardolillo, Permit Technician

    All Building and Zoning forms are located under License, Forms, Permit and Regulations


    If you would like to schedule a building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing inspection please schedule through the online portal:


    Robert N. Pizzi, Sr., Electrical Inspector or 

    Jeffrey lowe, Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector, call (401)822-9156


    Plumbing and Electrical inspections are done Monday, Wednesday, & Friday